Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about getting out of a funk. With all of the craziness going on in our world, it can sometimes feel like all you want to do is sit in bed all day. Here are some ways that help me get into a better headspace where I can be present for myself and others, get things done, and feel happy.

Put Something on Your To-Do List

This first piece of advice may seem elementary, but it truly is helpful. Make a mental or physical to do list of little things you have to do, and then try to complete them. On one of my “down in the dumps” days my list would look something like this: 1) make bed 2) go on a walk or stretch 3) go grab a Starbucks 4) text a friend.

Rock That Body

Please try to get in at least fifteen to thirty minutes of movement! Whether you go on a walk outside, stretch, or do an online workout class I promise you will feel better afterwards. Here is a link to a 20 minute yoga flow or dance workout! I hope you get moving and help clear that mind.

Write it Out

Let’s make it a goal this year to journal more. Do you ever feel like you have so many thoughts and worries in your brain that you can’t focus? Write out these thoughts in a brain dump. This really allows you to feel relief, as you are putting these thoughts somewhere else. It also forces you to put your worries in perspective…will what you are sweating over matter in five days, five weeks, five months, five years? I try to journal everyday, and this is the journal I love.

Take a Step Back

Okay, time for the hard part. Why are you feeling down? After you ask yourself this, try to see if you could make a change to prevent the way you are feeling now. If you begin to recognize the habits or choices which are making you unhappy, you can actively try to avoid them. For example, if you always feel bad if you spend two hours on TikTok everyday maybe try to limit your screen time and see if your mood improves.

If you ever feel like you are in a bad mindset, I recommend looking back to this post for some helpful hints. Also always remember that if you feel the bad days outnumber the good ones you should go to a trusted family member, friend, or colleague in order to get help. You are loved and deserve happiness.

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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