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Five Fall Fits

Today’s blog is all about conquering fall in style! These are all cute outfits that anyone can pull off, and are inspired by today’s trends and my Pinterest feed (because who doesn’t love Pinterest). I hope you all enjoy! If you like this post, you will probably also enjoy my post “July Outfit Dump”! For…

Students of Zoom University, Listen Up

As we know most of classes, whether it’s high school or college, are online…and it is tough. Lately, I have found myself feeling unmotivated, which honestly sucks. I wanted to change this negative headspace ASAP. So, here are some affirmations, promises to make to yourself, Online Students. You can say any of them to yourself,…

Halloween Costume Dump 2020

It is finally that time of year, the holiday blog posts are starting. Since Halloween is just a few weeks away, I wanted to link some costume ideas that are super cute! Let’s get spooky, shall we? In a Barbie World Forever 21 Barbie Shirt White Forever 21 Barbie Shirt Pink Metallic Skirt Pink Heart…


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