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Graduation Gift Guide

Welcome to grad season! This blog posts includes gift ideas to celebrate class of 2021, let’s get into it: DORM Essentials:  shower caddy / mesh shower caddy twin size mattress topper shower shoes travel steamer college medical kit foldable tray bed desk pop-up hamper desk riser Gifts They’ll Love:  mini keurig barefoot dreams unisex robe…

Spring = Healthy Habits

Hello All! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to spring and is enjoying the (hopefully) warmer weather. Personally, spring aligns itself with a “rebirth” and I love to implement new, positive changes to my life around this time of year. This blog post focuses on some healthy habits which can help improve your…

It’s Been a Minute…

Hello everyone! Sorry for a little bit of a hiatus, but today I am here to explain that. Let’s catch up: So, for those readers out there who may not know, I am currently a senior in her last quarter of high school. Due to a mix of our COVID world and “senioritis” I have…


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