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It’s Been a Minute…

Hello everyone! Sorry for a little bit of a hiatus, but today I am here to explain that. Let’s catch up: So, for those readers out there who may not know, I am currently a senior in her last quarter of high school. Due to a mix of our COVID world and “senioritis” I have…

Books I Enjoy (& you should read)

Today, we are going to focus on something many people overlook…reading! Reading is an amazing way to escape your current reality, grow your brain, and relax. So, let’s get into it with a list of my favorite books that you should read: “Where The Crawdads Sing” – A #1 New York Times Bestseller which chronicles…

Don’t Allow Your Insecurities to Rule You

Good morning, afternoon, or night! Whenever you read this, I am happy you are here and that we can talk about something everyone struggles with, their insecurities. This week’s blog post is all about putting these negative thoughts to rest and realizing they are not worth your energy. Put Your Insecurities In Perspective When you…


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