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How to Get Out of a Funk

Hello everyone! Today’s blog is all about getting out of a funk. With all of the craziness going on in our world, it can sometimes feel like all you want to do is sit in bed all day. Here are some ways that help me get into a better headspace where I can be present…

What I Learned in 2021

Hi! After a hiatus, I am back with another post! This one is all about 2021, and this year was a big one for me. After graduating high school and starting college at The Ohio State University, this year has been full of new experiences. In this blog I’ll be cataloging the most important lessons…

Graduation Gift Guide

Welcome to grad season! This blog posts includes gift ideas to celebrate class of 2021, let’s get into it: DORM Essentials:  shower caddy / mesh shower caddy twin size mattress topper shower shoes travel steamer college medical kit foldable tray bed desk pop-up hamper desk riser Gifts They’ll Love:  mini keurig barefoot dreams unisex robe…


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