Wow! It is hard to believe that summer is soon coming to a close. Summer 2022 was full of refreshment, relaxation, and rejuvenation. That being said I wanted to take this space to reflect on some things I’ve learned from this past summer. Let’s get into what made this summer special & how I plan to implement healthy habits in the school year.

Spend Time With Yourself

Although I shared lots of laughs with my loved ones this summer, it was really nice to spend some energy solely on myself. As I prepare to embark on a new year of school, I want to ensure that I don’t let life get in the way of prioritizing things I enjoy. Spending time outside, exercising, and reading are activities that leave me feeling fulfilled. What are three things which bring you joy? Can you integrate these into your life this year?

Show Your People Some Extra Love!

After spending time apart while at college, I loved reconnecting with my family and high school friends. Because we knew our time together was limited (a few fun months before heading back to school) my loved ones and I made sure that we valued each other and the time we shared together. Sometimes while at school balancing everything can feel like swimming up-stream; however, I encourage you to make at least a little bit time for the special people in your life. Your acts of kindness and love leave a long lasting impression.

Don’t Spend Energy Comparing

Although you may not have thought of this much at home, comparing yourself to other people at college or work can sneak up on ya! If intrusive thoughts like “Wow, ______ is so much more attractive than me” or “I’m too stupid for this class” pass through your mind, do not let them win! You are smart, kind, and beautiful. More importantly, you are made just how you should be! Think of two or three things each day that you love about you.

Surround Yourself With People/Things That Fill You Up!

The summertime naturally lends itself to being lazy… it is easier to choose when you want to socialize and with who. At school, the fear of missing out forces you to spend time doing things you may not even enjoy. Do not become a recluse (AKA a loner), but make sure you try to pass your time doing things with friends who leave you in a better mood then you started in.

I truly hope you had a nice summer and feel ready to take on this fall. Be mindful of these habits wherever you may be in life. It will make a world of difference! Thank you always for reading this, you rock!

Love Ya!


One thought on “Summer 2022 Wrap-Up

  1. Fantastic Ainsley! (As usual.) You offered some wonderful thoughts and good advice that we all should put into practice. Love your blogs!!


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