Hi! After a hiatus, I am back with another post! This one is all about 2021, and this year was a big one for me. After graduating high school and starting college at The Ohio State University, this year has been full of new experiences. In this blog I’ll be cataloging the most important lessons I’ve learned this year.

Its Okay to Prioritize Yourself

In the past, I always found myself feeling run down trying to make everything work for other people. When I got to college, however, I realized that its impossible to do everything and be there for everyone 24/7. If you are feeling run down or overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to say no to plans. Make sure you are the best “you” possible so you can be there for others.

New Friends are Fun

No matter what age you are, building and fostering friendships is important. If there is someone you want to get to know better, I encourage you to shoot that person a text or walk up to them after class. The worst thing that could happen is that they are not able to hang out…but is that really so bad? Trying never EVER hurts, and who doesn’t want a new friend?

Its a Balancing Act

School, social, self-care, Oh My! Sometimes it can feel so hard to balance everything that is important in your life. One thing I have learned this year is that regardless of how overwhelmed you may feel, there are enough hours in the day to do everything. If you work hard you will get everything done (I Promise!) Personally, I know I need to work extra hard on the weekdays so I can spend time with my friends on the weekend. Everyone’s schedule and priorities are different, make sure figure out what works for you.

Walk it Out

Being in college, I have walked WAY more than ever before. I didn’t realize it at first, but all of the walking is so good for you physically and mentally, as it forces you to step away from your stressors. I recommend you pop in those headphones, and go on just a quick walk a few times a week. You’ll thank me later.

Don’t Worry About Them

Please please please do not worry about what others think of you! It is just a waste of energy. Seeking validation from other people is not worth the time and energy. If you want to dance like nobody is watching, just do it! Honestly, if anyone stares they’re probably jealous of the fun you are having (& how cool you look breaking it down).

I hope that this post may have been helpful to you! After I have a semester under my belt, I will totally be using this blog more. Comment any topics you would like me to write about in the future. I love writing for you all. Remember you are always loved!

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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