2020’s Independence Day

Happy happy birthday, U.S.A! This fourth of July definitely looked different from years past, with the presence of ominous COVID; however, I still enjoyed a social distanced Independance Day! So, lets break it down:

I started out my day by having a brunch moment with the girls. We put on our cute USA outfits, did our hair, and with hand sanitizer in hand and masks on our face, enjoyed our meal outdoors at Rebol, an organic cafe in the area (if you haven’t been, I seriously recommend checking it out and ordering their Acai + Grain Free Granola Bowl). After, we safely walked around and enjoyed the sunshine.

We then enjoyed some time at a friend’s pool playing pool volleyball and soaking up the sun. And, let me tell you, volleyball has been a saving grace this summer. It’s the perfect activity when you want to have some social distanced fun with your friends in a larger group setting, and if you bring a speaker to jam out while you play it’s a total blast. 

After enjoying a family cookout, the girls and I closed out the night with a bonfire accompanied by s’mores and sparklers. Was this a typical Fourth of July? No way. Yet with surrounding myself with the people I love, it was the perfect day. 

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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