So yes, I am that girl with the light pink room at seventeen years old. I mean pink is my favorite color, but recently I started to feel like my room may have been giving off that, you know, “baby-ish” vibe. So, I recently took down some old wall decor I had in my room and put photos on multiple walls in my room to keep me inspired.

By visiting my Pinterest Board titled “MOOD BOARD” and choosing photos, quotes, and prints that matched my aesthetic (if you will) I was able to give my room the happy, older vibes it so direly needed. The vision I was going for was pink, feminine, and self-motivating.

After finding these photos, I then choose some of my favorite photos of my friends and made them black and white with the simple Mac “Mono” filter.

How I edited the photos of my friends and I

Once I had chosen all my pictures, which ended up being 62 pictures in total (yeah, a lot), I ordered them from Walgreens and picked them up a few hours later. I then laid the photos out on the ground, created my vision, and began taping, and retaping, until I finally had what I wanted. Some photos were 4×6, some 4×4, some horizontal, but regardless of what sizes you choose, the mix of all the photos will look so nice together in a collage.

The two finished walls together here!

Taping up photos, which I got from Walgreens for less than $10.00, completely transformed the vibe in my room. My parents and friends love it and we all agree it totally 1) revamped my room and 2) shows off part of my personality right when you walk through the door. So, do I recommend placing inspiring photos in your room? 10000%.  Instead of zoning out at a blank wall, spice it up so everytime you feel down or bored you can look around your room and see inspirational quotes and the people you love and admire.

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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