Good morning, afternoon, or night! Whenever you read this, I am happy you are here and that we can talk about something everyone struggles with, their insecurities. This week’s blog post is all about putting these negative thoughts to rest and realizing they are not worth your energy.

Put Your Insecurities In Perspective

When you feel like you do not look good reframe your mind and think, will anyone really care if I forgot to put on mascara today, or that I wore this sweatshirt last week? The answer is most likely no. A good way to put any situation in perspective is by asking yourself, “Would I care if one of my friends (insert insecurity here)?”

Winter Can Be Tough

For some people, winter means duller skin, darker hair, and tiredness from bad weather and the monotony of work and school. If you are feeling this way (or really just missing the glow you get during the summer) remember that you are not alone in this. Again, no one truly cares that you might be a little paler than you used to be. Remember, before we know it, we will be spending time in the sunshine!

Remember, You Are Beautiful

Your thoughts influence how you feel and perceive yourself, so please, cut it out with the negative self talk. You have SO much to offer, and you are valued by your friends, coworkers, family, and teachers. You also deserve every beautiful, incredible, amazing thing this world has to offer. When you start believing that, your most prevalent insecurities will start to become a thing of the past.

Thank you for reading, and remember you are beautiful – I promise.

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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