Happyyyy Sunday! This weeks blog is about giving back, because really that’s what it is all about. Remember the more that you recognize your blessings and the good things in your life, the more good things will continue to come your way. One super easy way to recognize the positives in your life is to give back to the community.

For People Local to Columbus, OH:

For Anyone, Anywhere:

  • adopt a pet from around the world (purchase an “adoption kit” and adopt an animal in need! there are so many options, & the kit comes with a stuffed animal) 
  • shop local (here is a directory of farmer markets near you) 
  • make cards for hospitalized kids (this is such a great way to spread some love)
  • make cards for the troops (thank those fighting for our country)
  • help the homeless (donate $$$ to help the homeless)
  • donate blood (find a blood drive here) 
  • donate your hair! (must be around 8-10 inches)
  • order carryout from your favorite local restaurant 
  • foster a pet from a nearby shelter! 
  • put a dollar bill of any amount in a jacket/shirt at the store (when someone buys that clothing item they will find a pleasant surprise)
  • organize a book/food drive (do something for a cause you care about!)

Maybe you cannot help out right now, and that is okay. I encourage you to come back to this blog post the next time you might have a little extra time, money, or energy, and help out a cause you feel passionate about. This all being said, I hope you are happy, healthy, and I thank you again for taking the time to read this blog post today, I appreciate it.

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

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