Happy Sunday! Today’s blog is about a journey that I embarked on quarantine, and has now given me so much happiness…becoming a plant mom! Now, you might be thinking, “Uh Ainsley, I don’t want plants because I’ll just kill them???” Well, coming from someone who would be the person to accidentally kill her plants, here are the easiest plants to care for beginners!

You’re So Pretty, Pothos

I cannot get over how this plant is so cute and so easy to care for. I purchased my Marble Queen Pothos plant about two and a half weeks ago, and she is already THRIVING. For these guys, I water them when the soil gets completely dry (so about every four days), and sit them in a bright area that is not directly in the sun.

Classic Succulents

When in doubt, buy a succulent. I water mine around every ten days because they are used to being in a very arid climate, and they are just so little and cute. I mean, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Puts the “Dumb” in Dumb Cane

Okay, my Dumb Cane plant is the my most tricky one to care for, but is still not difficult…which is why I feel the name “Dumb Cane” is fitting. I water this plant every four days and place it in bright, indirect sunlight. If you are overwatering your plant (which I’ve done) little water droplets will appear on its leaves, so make sure if you see water droplets, give it a break from watering!

You Want What You Don’t Have

So I have heard the BEST stuff about Monstera, a plant I unfortunately do not own. After talking with lots of my friends, the consensus about monster is 1) keep in bright indirect sunlight 2) water when soil gets dry, so about every five days.

I hope you embark on your plant journey using these tips! Especially with fall/winter coming, we could all use some fresh green in our life!

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

One thought on “Navigating (Plant) Motherhood

  1. Love your new found journey into plant “motherhood”! And I’ve read that plants help to purify the air you breathe . . . which is important during the winter months when we’re all closed inside the house. Another informative and great blog!

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