The longest summer of our lives (really anyone’s life) is finally coming to a close. Returning to school may be different this year, but I still wanted to help you maximize your school experience, even if you are learning from your room at home.

Get Yourself Together

Okay, so if you do not already have a planner, get one. This year it is more important than ever to be organized because you will not have teachers/other students in your class to hold you accountable in person. My favorite brand for planners is Rifle Paper Co, and they have tons of options through Amazon so you can get them to your house ASAP.

Blue Light Glasses

All my friends and I have recently gotten blue light lenses put into our normal glasses, or purchased nonprescription blue light glasses for work at the computer. These Amazon Blue Light Glasses are a necessity if you are going to be staring for 8+ hours on the computer for school. (also if you don’t like the ones I linked, there are tons of other kinds on Amazon).

Here’s My Fave Pen

This essential might be dorky, but I’m the type of person that needs to write EVERYTHING down so I thought I’d share. I love to use these Pilot Pens that come in a five pack on Amazon! They do not bleed through and write super smooth, 10/10 recommend!

Remember, You Got This

This isn’t something tangible you can buy, but you just need to remember this year that everything will be okay. Students all around the world are needing to get comfortable with adapting their schedules, balancing online and in-person, and protecting themselves from being sick. If you feel stressed out this year, remember to tell someone close to you how you are feeling and remember you are not alone. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

2 thoughts on “Back to (Online) School Necessities

  1. Another great Blog Ainsley! Lots of good information and advice packed into a small space. I really liked your conclusion . . . “YOU GOT THIS”!

    (I’m going to check out the “Blue Light” glasses and the Pilot Pens on Amazon!)

    Liked by 1 person

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