Back again with another playlist! This one is designed to be chill, relaxed, and just nice to listen to! If you like this playlist, you will also love my last one, “turn it up”. Just scroll and you will be able to see the whole thing on Spotify or on Apple Music with the link below!

Spotify “it’s sweater weather” Playlist:

Click to listen to the entire playlist here! You do not need a Spotify membership to listen!

Find me on Spotify @helloainsmo

Apple Music “it’s sweater weather” Playlist:

Click Here For “it’s sweater weather”! 

Find me on Apple Music @ainsleymaurine

I hope you guys enjoy this playlist and share it with your friends! I am always happy to make more playlist in the future!

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

5 thoughts on “Here’s Your New Playlist: it’s sweater weather

  1. Really REALLY great Playlist! You were right about Leon Bridges . . . I loved his songs! (So did John!!) Question: Can one have the Playlist “playing” in the background while doing other tasks on the computer? Super picks!

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