Hello everyone! Sorry for a little bit of a hiatus, but today I am here to explain that. Let’s catch up:

So, for those readers out there who may not know, I am currently a senior in her last quarter of high school. Due to a mix of our COVID world and “senioritis” I have found myself feeling a little bit more unmotivated than usual… a feeling that I can confidently say many seniors are currently experiencing.

I absolutely love to write (so much that I’m majoring in English), but when I do not feel compelled to write anything I am not going to make myself write. When I create my blogs, I want my articles to be authentic and to reflect my daily life, so why force myself to write when I am not feeling it? That being said, I will probably post blogs less frequently.

Ultimately, thank you for sticking with me if you are reading this blog post today. Being a senior during COVID was definitely tough with school being online, no sporting events or dances to attend, and honestly not being able to have the fun seniors typically have.

However, by valuing my relationships with friends and family, setting goals for myself, and looking towards the future, my COVID senior year was not all that bad. 2020 served as a reminder that mindset is everything, and it is okay to not be able to do it all. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made for the better, and that is okay. Whatever you take away from the post today, just remember that we will all get through this together and that you are very loved.

Stay Smiling,


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