As we know most of classes, whether it’s high school or college, are online…and it is tough. Lately, I have found myself feeling unmotivated, which honestly sucks. I wanted to change this negative headspace ASAP. So, here are some affirmations, promises to make to yourself, Online Students. You can say any of them to yourself, write them down, or just remember this list when you seem lost in the land of Zoom meetings and assignments.

  1. I promise to remember that I have complete control over today. Nothing is out of my control, and I truly can do anything I put my mind to.
  2. I promise to listen to my body and my mind. If I can’t focus, I allow myself to step away and return to the task when I am in a better headspace.
  3. I promise to try my best. By writing down a to-do list of my tasks, I understand what must get done today, and what can wait.
  4. I promise to reach out to someone when I feel too overwhelmed. I refuse to feel helpless, because I matter and deserve to be happy.
  5. I promise to remind myself I am doing this to better my life in the end. What I am working towards is worth it, and I will achieve my goals.
  6. I promise to recognize this is a unique time in history, and it is normal to feel discouraged. I will look back one day and be proud of making it through this time.
  7. I promise to do something for myself today. I will call a friend, make a yummy snack, or do something else that makes me happy.
  8. I promise to be patient with my teachers. This is a new time for everyone, and my teachers are doing the best they can,
  9. I promise to be kind to my family and friends. My biggest supporters deserve the most love, so I will remind my people I love them.
  10. Finally, I promise to never be too hard on myself. I am amazing, and bring joy to myself and others, whether I realize it or not.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, and I hope it has helped you reframe some negative thinking. As always, I appreciate all of my readers and your support!

Stay Smiling,

Ainsley Mo

One thought on “Students of Zoom University, Listen Up

  1. GREAT BLOG! Lots of good ideas . . . not just for students but for anyone during this “strange” time in our lives. Thank you.


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